It is estimated that annual attendances to the Greyhound Racetracks of Great Britain have halved since 2008. While working on a collaborative moving image project in 2014, I was able to photograph Hall Green racetrack in Birmingham, West Midlands.

While working within the racetrack ground, we were given strict guidelines on where and what we were allowed to photograph. We were told that this was due to broadcasting rights as well as the privacy of the trainers in the kennels.

The images captured however do reflect an industry in decline, an industry that is struggling socially and economically. It has also been suggested that due to people's changing opinions towards dog racing, the industry will continue to decline.

However, people still bet on Greyhound racing, somewhere around £2.5bn is gambled yearly. It's just that this money is not being gambled at the tracks, but more so in high street betting shops and though online betting websites.

The number of Greyhound stadiums in England has gone from 80 to 25 in the last 65 years.



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