The catalyst for this project was the Welfare Reform Bill 2010-2012, something which effected my Father directly. As with all people who claim Incapacity Benefit he was due for a re-assessment by the private company ATOS. He was asked to complete the required WCA (Work Capability Assessment) forms in order to prove his entitlement to the new ESA (Employment Support Allowance) which has now replaced the original Incapacity Benefit.
My Fathers Application was denied after several appeal forms and questionnaires and he faced a possible return to work after 16 years of previously being declared unfit for work.
My Father had a Brain Haemorrhage on Saturday 27th July 1996. Not only was he lucky enough to survive but he has been lucky enough to have only been left partially sighted, with a form of epilepsy and with frequent severe headaches. Even so there is no denying that he still lives with his Brain damage.

The start of this project was an initial reaction to how unjustified my Father and also how I felt with the experience of going through the re-assessment procedure. You can read the whole online publication here

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